The course starts and finishes at the Novi High School. Accurate, paved, mostly flat 3.1-mile course. You gotta see that post-race junk food!

Park in the adjacent lots and walk to the start - just follow the crowd!

Click here to view the course map.


Hey team! This course is an open course through the Dunbarton Pines subdivision east of Taft Road and we are able to run there as guests of that subdivision. Referees will be on the lookout for the following game day penalties! Please make sure you show good sportsmanship and encourage it to those around you!

Offside: Banging fists on cars as they are trying to leave their driveway. Offside is a 5-yard penalty.
Personal foul: An illegal use of foul and obscene language. A personal foul is a 15-yard penalty.
Roughing the passer: Flipping neighbors the bird instead of a Smile-Wave-Thank you. This is a 15-yard penalty and an automatic first down.

All kidding aside…we notify the neighborhood via several methods of communication (mail, email, signage, text alerts) prior to the event, have moved the start time a half hour earlier, and have course marshals throughout the subdivision to direct runners, assist with traffic and keep the runners safe. If you have any frustrations during the event, please email us after the event at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can continue to make improvements to this event. Thank you. HUT! HUT!



Novi High School
24062 Taft Road
Novi, MI 48375